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Startup Digest - Smart Cities - Issue #71

Dear smart citizens and urban innovators, Welcome to a new issue of #SmartCitiesDigest and thanks for
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Smart Cities
Smart Cities
All about smart cities and urban innovation: a collection of resources covering innovations and developments in a wide range of topics like e-government, connected things, open data, civic tech and sustainability.
Dear smart citizens and urban innovators,
Welcome to a new issue of #SmartCitiesDigest and thanks for subscribing!
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Joan Torres

Future-proofing the public sector for AI innovation
State and local governments have an immense opportunity to leverage technology for significant cost savings and a better world for citizens. AI and other next-gen technologies offer an important path forward, and it’s vital to begin the journey today with a data foundation designed to accelerate adoption and impact.
How smart lighting can influence overall well-being in smart cities

How the humble bicycle can save our cities

Smart city is a very big umbrella. You can do a lot of things underneath this idea of smart cities, and not to try and solve it in one go. You have to look at what is the pain point of each individual city, and they’re not going to be the same. Some cities will have pain points relating to quality of life, while others will relate to improving the transportation infrastructure. Figuring out the pain points for the citizens in this particular city, and then look to create a roadmap for incrementally bringing in other smart city technology deployments in line with that.

One city’s collaborative approach to putting data to work

Why the transportation sector needs data scientists

New lift technology is reshaping cities
In the future, new types of sideways-scooting lifts could link up whole clusters of buildings. Transport hubs could house lifts serving a range of local buildings, moving first horizontally, then vertically. Or the lifts could zip between their tops on skybridges. It took trees hundreds of million of years to evolve the structural systems and internal plumbing needed for wide-spreading boughs, thus making possible the wonderfully rich ecosystems of rainforest canopies. Lateral lifts could make canopy cities possible before Otis’s patent sees its bicentenary. Having let cities climb into the sky, the lift may now help them spread across it.
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